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      Thanks to the immediate proximity to a lively shopping center with food court, hotel, fitness center, hairdresser, doctors and much more, you offer your employees much more than just a stylish office with post-industrial charm. Over 200 bicycle parking spaces, e-charging stations in the parking garage, green roofs, roof terraces and quiet courtyards turn your workspace into a work-life balance workplace. Discover your office space for your success.

      In the center of Berlin.

      The Schultheiss Quartier is centrally located at Turmstraße 25 in Berlin-Mitte. Optimal accessibility by car, bus, train or streetcar is guaranteed 24/7. You can reach the main train station in just 7 minutes on the M10 streetcar line and Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) in just under 40 minutes.

      Parking spaces:
      Underground parking garage, direct access via Turmstraße, approx. 400 parking spaces; open 24 hours a day

      Lines 101, 123, 187, 245, M27,
      Station ‘Turmstraße’

      Line U9
      Station ‘Turmstraße’

      Line M10
      Station ‘Turmstraße’


      As a medium-sized real estate company, we are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. The SDGs comprise 17 specific targets for politics, civil society and business to make the world fairer and more equitable by 2030. With our project developments and the management of our portfolio properties, we can make a contribution to achieving the SDGs – particularly SDGs 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 13.

      The right start for your start-up

      Do you have very specific ideas for your office of the future? We have the right solution. Thanks to the individual character of each of the seven buildings in the Schultheiss Quartier, we are guaranteed to find your office.

      Discover your workspace:

      Schultheiss Quartier


      ME 2.01 / Workspace 1.910 m²

      House 7

      ME 2.01 / Workspace 1.182 m²

      House 6

      ME 2.01 / Workspace 291 m²

      House 5

      ME 2.01 / Workspace 259 m²

      House C

      ME 2.01 / Workspace 510 m²

      House E

      ME 2.01 / Workspace 1.124 m²

      Building 1

      ME 2.01 / Workspace 6.746 m²

      Building 2

      ME 2.01 / Workspace 11.672 m²

      Tradition on the outside - future on the inside!

      The extraordinary ensemble of very different buildings within the Schultheiss Quartier offers a variety of possible uses and space dimensions that set no limits to the ideas and requirements for your new office.

      Space here!

      The offices, with a total area of more than 25,000 m², are spread over seven buildings, each of which has a different character and allows individual use of space. There are practically no limits to your interior design wishes. Talk to us!

      The historic walls and ceilings contain state-of-the-art fiber optic technology for fast data transfer. The air conditioning of the entire quarter with district heating meets the ecological and economic requirements of our time.

      Building 1

      Office space:
      3. floor approx. 640 m² / 4. floor approx. 1.300 m²

      Seminar area:
      3. floor approx. 200 m²

      Meeting rooms:
      3. floor approx. 160 m² / 4. floor approx. 90 m²

      Reception area:
      3. floor approx. 300 m² / 4. floor approx. 200 m²

      Think Tank:
      3. floor approx. 40 m² / 4. floor approx. 50 m²

      Organizational room:
      3. floor approx. 20 m² / 4. floor approx. 30 m²

      Sanitary facilities:
      3. floor approx. 85 m² / 4. floor approx. 75 m²


      This turns your office into a progress maker.

      The combination of established building culture, state-of-the-art technology and clever space design makes the offices more than just a place to work. We have created spaces that promote creativity and radiate positive energy. Try it out for yourself!

      Ground floor
      3. floor
      1. floor
      1. floor & tower
      2. floor

      Meeting rooms: approx. 220 m²
      Office space: approx. 1.200 m²
      Reception area: approx. 50 m²
      Think Tank: approx. 20 m²
      Sanitary facilities: approx. 100 m²

      Compact units for more efficiency.

      With different units ranging from 25 m² to 7,200 m², the Schultheiss Quartier can meet almost every requirement in terms of office size and equipment.

      Office space: approx. 20 – 240 m²
      Sanitary facilities: approx. 4 – 40 m²
      Kitchen area: approx. 15 m²

      House 6